As the years go by
The tears won’t dry
More fears arise
To make me wise
The ego cries
That’s not paradise.

The beloved hides
But still it guides
My every step
So there’s no trap.

The beloved will come
Take me in his arm.
Forever shall we live
By the joy of what we give.

Love is light
My path is bright
The tears will dry
As years go by.

Written in 2013

Photo by Mayank Dhanawade on Unsplash

Yesterday we fell in love
Tomorrow we’ll be husband and wife.
But what about today
You never see me
You’re always busy.

I remember the day me met
All the times we hung out
Until one day you told me
You’ve fallen for me.

I remember the day
You knelt on one knee
You purposed to me,
You said, “Girl will you marry me?”

But what about today
You never see me
You’re always busy.

Can our love survive?

Written in 2013

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

We died with you and rose again;
Feels like we’re floating in space.
But your absence causes great pain,
Though we feel you, we miss your face.

Everything’s different, yet all’s the same;
Everything’s here but you.
Though your face is captured in a frame
We miss your voice, your smile, too.

Though you’re near, you are far
Yet in the wind you sway
Now you dwell among the stars
We will miss you each day.

Dad, Come back

I should be strong
I should not cry
But it’s all wrong
You shouldn’t have died.

Hiding under the shower,
I’m cryin’ my eyes out
Thinking of you every hour
I just want to say it loud:

Dad, I missed you, I still need you
Please come back.
There’s so much we need to do;
We need you back…

Written in 2010

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Dedicated to my dear friends from the Writer’s Workshop 2009 Lebanon

Writing is our Passion
It’s what brought us together
We chatted and wrote for three days
But soon we had to part our ways.

But we’ll always remember
Those days we spent together
Learning from each other,
Teaching one another.

Hope we’ll always stay in touch
For we have a lot in common
We still have to learn so much
And our skills we should summon:

To write, to tell our stories
To write, to express our sorrows
To write, to demand our rights
To write, to declare our thoughts.

Hope we’ll exploit what we learned,
We’ll use the writing skills that we earned
To attain the dreams for which we yearn.

Written on 20 Apr. 2009

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

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